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Clamshell E2E Series

Clamshell E2E Series

Clamshells.... How can we use these? let me count the ways

Don't let alternating patterns scare you .... Trim is your friend

Individualise your quilts by Mixing and matching these patterns

Each pattern will be come with some suggestions and video on how they can be used.

NB. Videos were created using CS6 and some level of knowledge is assumed.

Each set will come with an A & B Variation as well as a bonus plain clamshell. When Combining patterns please ensure you use either all A patterns or all B patterns together so that they are the same size. 

These patterns also work well with Creative Studio's Apply Function


Clamshell Diamonds
Clamshell Fluer de Lis
Clamshell Swirls
Clamshell Xmas Tree
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